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Preserving the uniqueness of local cultures in their...

As time progresses, the modern day society and cultures are slowly integrating into a world that is increasingly becoming one global economically and technologically interdependent whole, where universal mobility is taking architects and architecture across borders and through continents at an unprecedented speed. (Tzonis and Lefaivre, 484) The universalizing of culture is in some ways an advancement for humanity, however global integration is threatening to subtly disintegrate the stylistic innovation in architecture as the universal styles and cultures takes over. In order to address the threat of globalization in architecture, it is a imperative to focus on the use of critical regionalism throughout the world. By the integration of†¦show more content†¦By paying attention to the lighting conditions of the site, the window, a crucial element in architectural expression removes itself from the repetitiveness of the universal styles. These add into the factors of climatic co ntrol, bringing up the needlessness of artificial climates which need to be maintained within the buildings, rather than the interior climate maintaining itself. The usage of local materials and style also becomes an important factor in keeping the uniqueness of the local cultures. This does not imply to copy the vernacular style of the area but rather insert a reinterpretation of the local culture in the creation of the new design. The critical regionalist will attempt to create a place oriented culture without completely mimicking the traditional styles with the usage of the local materials and possibly local techniques. With this, the building ends up fitting with the buildings of the local area. The universal style of architecture does not maintain this important factor but rather deviates nearly completely from the local styles and materials. An example of this would be the city of Dubai. With the importation steel and glass, the structures tend to have little to no relation to the location nor the original culture design styles. Rather than following the ideal designs that would fit with the extreme heat of the desert, the architects designed what are essentially green houses in theShow MoreRelatedEssay about Art As a Shared Experience1430 Words   |  6 PagesArt, even in its simplest form, has a culture embedded on it. It cannot be separated from the artist’s way of life. It differentiates a culture from all the rest and defines itself to an extent where nobody but the artist can even grasp. Traces of art forms have been identified alongside the evolution of mankind and flourished since the establishment of civilizations. These earlier art masterpieces in the form of sculptures, cave paintings, petroglyphs and the like were found from different partsRead MoreUrban Regeneration And Urban Development9597 Words   |  39 Pagesinfluences and urban planning techniques, it has been realized that the old heritage and culture, the core Pune identi ty is slowly been taking a blow. The urbanization has been transforming the urban townscapes of Pune into completely new dimensions thus hampering the glorious heritage and cultural identity for which the city of Pune is known for. The following research will highlight the importance of preserving and rediscovering the cultural heritage areas of Pune which can help develop and retainRead MoreThesis: Tourism and Rizal Park7777 Words   |  32 Pagesthose who tend to it. Here is a park that is used, loved and nurtured by the people who saw it shape up from nothing (, October 9, 2013). Tourist attractions can be natural or man-made. The history and culture of a place are also very important attractions that enhance the natural and man-made attractions found in the place. The history of a place is felt through visits to old buildings and churches, and other places of historical value. Activities forRead MoreTechnology And The Digital Revolution2073 Words   |  9 PagesCultural heritage sites are spaces full of rich culture and innovation, providing abundant opportunities for visitors to learn and explore. They are valued for their ability to broaden knowledge, expand minds and deliver new experiences to sites of cultural and historical value. Digital technology is being used to combat some of the main problems that cultural heritage sites face, including inaccessibility, the lack of connection between visitors and objects, and the safety of objects during travellingRead MoreDiet Coke5620 Words   |  23 PagesMARKETING MIX: 9 Product Characteristic and Attributes 9 Price 11 Promotion 12 Points of Parity and Points of Difference between Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi – (To be added) 15 Brand Exploratory 15 Brand Awareness 15 Brand Image 16 Interpretation of Brand Exploratory: 19 Introduction: No one thought a drink sold for five cents a glass at a pharmacy would grow up to be one of the most recognized brands in the world. On January 31, 1895 the Coca-Cola trade mark was registered and a mereRead MoreMarketing Strategy of Dabur Vatika Hair Oil and Dabur Chyawanprash15871 Words   |  64 Pages(Nepal), Dabur Egypt Ltd (Egypt), Asian Consumer Care (Bangladesh), Asian Consumer Care | |(Pakistan), African Consumer Care (Nigeria), Naturelle LLC (Ras Al Khaimah-UAE), Weikfield International (UAE) and Jaquline Inc. | |(USA).17 ultra-modern manufacturing units spread around the globe Products marketed in over 60 countries. Wide and deep market | |penetration with  50 CF agents, more than 5000 distributors and over Read MoreThe Role of Radio in Propagating Culture12040 Words   |  49 Pages TITLE PAGE THE ROLE OF THE RADIO IN PROPAGATING CULTURE IN NIGERIA BY LEGHEMO JOY EZEMOKUMO MC/2006/129 A PROJECT RESEARCH SUBMITTED TO THE DEPARTMENT OF MASS COMMUNICATION, FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT AND SOCIAL SCIENCES IN PARTIAL FULFILMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE AWARD OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (B .Sc) DEGREE IN MASS COMMUNICATION. CARITAS UNIVERSITY AMORJI –NIKE ENUGU STATE AUGUST, 2010 THE ROLE OF RADIO IN PROPAGATING CULTURE IN NIGERIA (A CASE STUDY OF KOLUAMA, BAYELSA STATE) Read MoreCompetitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance65536 Words   |  263 Pagesunique in its industry along some dimensions that are widely valued by buyers. It selects one or more attributes that many buyers in an industry perceived as important, and uniquely positions itself to meet those needs. It is rewarded for its uniqueness with a premium price. Differentiation is peculiar to each industry. It can be based on the product itself, the delivery system by which it is sold, the marketing approach and a broad range of other factors. Ex. Cosmetics differentiation tendsRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 PagesWide Web at: First published 2007  © Pearson Education Limited 2007 The rights of Joanne Duberley, Phil Johnson and John McAuley to be identified as authors of this work have been asserted by them in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without either the priorRead MoreBusiness Case: Marketing Research for Customers Segmentation12172 Words   |  49 PagesAnalysis Plan .............................................................................................. 14 3.4.5 Fielding the Survey ..................................................................................... 15 3.4.6 Analysis Interpretation ................................... .......................................... 15 3.4.7 Translating Results to Action ...................................................................... 15 3.5 Control of performance ........................

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The Social Penetration Theory Of Communication - 1509 Words

The Social Penetration Theory and Its Application to Plot Lines for Successful Films Everyone goes through situations in which they form new relationships with people they previously did not know. For example, when a student moves onto a college campus for his or her freshman year, the student will have to go through the process of making new friends and getting to know his or her roommate. The social penetration theory of communication explains how new relationships form and the levels a relationship must go through before it can be described as being friends. The social penetration theory can be described as a theory of self-disclosure. Altman and Taylor created the social penetration theory to explain how†¦show more content†¦The layers of self-disclosure can be identified as layers of an onion. Self-disclosure can be referred to as layers of an onion because in the relationship you peel back a layer at a time. The outer layer of the onion is only superficial communication that is not as intimate and can be seen by any of the public. This communication ca n include height, weight, where someone works or goes to school, etc. The inner layer of the onion includes more personal communication that is not always seen by the public. This inner layer can include communication that involves a persons goals, values, and beliefs. In a study done in 2012, bloggers tended to stick to the outer layers of the onion when discussing topics in their blogs (Tang). The social penetration theory and social media’s impact on the theory will be expanded upon more later on in the paper. Two big pieces of this social penetration theory puzzle are depth and breadth of self-disclosure. The depth of self-disclosure is how deep someone can penetrate the layers of the onion or how deep your self-disclosure goes. The more intimate someone is in the relationship the more depth of self-disclosure that relationship will have. Where-as the breadth of self-disclosure is the range of topics in which disclosure takes place within a relationship. Younger people t end to have more breadth where-as the older generation tends to take partShow MoreRelatedThe Social Penetration Theory Of Interpersonal Communication814 Words   |  4 PagesThe Social Penetration Theory interpersonal communication was proposed by the psychologists and theorists, Altman and Taylor in 1973, with the idea of offering an explanation for the closeness or intimacy that can develop between two people. â€Å"The social penetration theory states that as relationships develop, communication moves from relatively shallow, no intimate levels to deeper, more personal ones.†(Altman and Taylor in 1973.) They also proposed that this process towards closeness, is regulatedRead MoreThe Effects of Facebook Communication on Social Penetration Theory1456 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract The Effects of Facebook Communication on Social Penetration Theory This paper examines a possible study to measure how CMC -- specifically Facebook communication -- is changing and evolving social penetration theory (Altman Taylor, 1973). More specifically, the surveys are designed to determine if self-disclosure is happening more quickly in Facebook relationships. Altman and Taylor examine the stages of self-disclosure in social penetration theory and this study will determine if theRead MoreSocial Penetration Theory827 Words   |  4 PagesFounder of the theory The founders of the theory were Irwin Altman and Dalmas Taylor. Altman is a distinguished professor of psychology at the University of Utah whereby Taylor is a professor of psychology at the University of Texas, Arlington. Altman and Taylor developed this theory to provide an understanding of the closeness between two individuals. Apparently, social penetration is defined as a process that moves a relationship from non-intimate to intimate. The theory states that thisRead MoreSocial Penetration Theory : Arizona Sate University1581 Words   |  7 Pages Social Penetration Theory Conner Farquharson Arizona Sate University For a young child, telling a secret to the person he or she likes is a big deal. But the secrets that are told are minor, probably about a favorite item or candy. Not knowing at the time but social penetration theory is going on. Information about oneself is communicated to friends, loved ones, and acquaintances on a daily basis, sometimes without knowing we are revealing personal information. As weRead MoreSocial Penetration Theory : Crazy, Love1117 Words   |  5 PagesMaggie Decena Professor McNelis September 22nd, 2017 Application of Social Penetration Theory The film Crazy, Stupid, Love depicts the dissolution of Cal Weaver’s once perfect life. High school sweethearts living in a suburban town with steady jobs and kids, Cal and his wife Emily share the illusion of a picture-perfect love story. However, when Emily reveals her act of adultery, she asks Cal for a divorce. Cal falls into a deep depression that leads him to bask in his sorrows at singles barsRead MoreAnalysis Of 500 Days Of Summer1714 Words   |  7 Pagesimportant communication theory. In this paper, I would like to focus on the social penetration theory revealed in 500 Days of Summer. In this movie, some essential perspectives of penetration theory are revealed: depth and breadth of penetration, stages of the penetration theory, and verbal and non-verbal communication. In this essay, I am going to discuss these three characteristics revealed in the movie, 500 Days of Summer with my observations. First of all, depth and breadth of penetration is revealedRead MoreSocial Penetration Theory And The Theory981 Words   |  4 Pages Social Penetration Theory Yunsik Jung Western Kentucky University Abstract Irwin Altman and Dalmas Taylor originally created the Social Penetration Theory and the theory deals with the ways in which relationships develop and progress. It explains how communication enriches the relationship of two or more individuals. The theory states that closeness develops if communication begins at relatively shallow non-intimate levels and moves in gradual and orderly fashion to deeper more personal levelsRead MoreSocial Penetration Theory By Irwin Altman And Dalmas1511 Words   |  7 Pages Irwin Altman and Dalmas introduces Social Penetration theory in chapter 8 and they explain the theory as â€Å"the idea that relationships become more intimate over time when partners disclose more and more information about themselves† (Littlejhon, 2002). This paper will showcase social media and how it relates to how individuals self-disclose in social penetration theory. A short history of social media and the direction it’s headed will also be included. Facebook, a platform has become a phenomenonRead MoreThe Breakfast Club Movie Analysis1668 Words   |  7 Pagesfirsthand. Throughout the movie, communication and the formation of relationships prove to be main focal points. Using concepts such as the Social Penetration Theory, the Uncertainty Reduction Theory, and the Turning Point Model, the famous movie The Breakfast Club successfully demonstrates the many forms of interpersonal communication and the stages of relationship development. The first theory exemplified in the film is the Social Penetration Theory. This theory, developed by Dalton and TaylorRead MoreSocial Penetration Theory ( Altman And Taylor s Theory882 Words   |  4 Pages Social Penetration Theory Hermeet Kalsi, Ancheta Aaron, Millie, Stephanie, Lucà ­a Skinner Mission College â€Æ' Social Penetration Theory (Altman and Taylor’s, 1973) The Social Penetration Theory interpersonal communication was proposed by the psychologists and theorists, Altman and Taylor in 1973, with the idea of offering an explanation for the closeness or intimacy that can develop between two people. â€Å"The social penetration theory states that as relationships develop, communication

American Dream Synthesis Free Essays

Kyrie Staab Mrs. Wieseman Hon. English 10 Dec. We will write a custom essay sample on American Dream Synthesis or any similar topic only for you Order Now 18, 2012 Is Our American Dream Fading Away? The attainability and very existence of the American dream has been debated for many years. As the economy, politics, and social standings change, so do the expectations and beliefs about what the American dream should be and how one should go about achieving it. The main question involved in this debate is not so much whether the dream is alive or dead, but whether America’s dream can ever be fully realized. Even the most skeptic of men and women cannot deny that although the dream may be blurring around the edges, it is still very much alive in the minds and hearts of the people. For generations, the American dream has retained it’s basic definition: â€Å"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness†. Immigrants to America-at least in years past-cling to this dream, hoping to find a better, happier, more secure life. One woman tells the story of a Russian family coming to live in the US in a BBC news article in March of 2011: â€Å"†¦ he American Dream meant liberty. But Isabel says it promised even more. ‘The Dream is to work, to have a home, to get ahead, you can start as a janitor and become owner of the building. ’† For almost everyone, the dream has been the same. In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, the two main characters, Lennie and George, share the desire to have a home: a small, safe place to call their own. This same dream ha s pushed generations of men and women to work hard to reach their goals despite social and economic obstacles. In a Los Angeles Times article in 2011, Gregory Rodriguez says practically the same thing. â€Å"The dream is the glue that keeps us all together. It’s the vague promise that our lot will get better over time that gives us the patience to endure whatever indignities we suffer at the moment. † In the novel, George especially encounters obstacles while trying to achieve both his and Lennie’s dream. However, the promise of a secure, happy, quiet life for himself and his friend encourages him to continue his work. Yes, it is unfortunately true that as time goes on, less and less people seem to believe that the American Dream is attainable. However, the reason for this may be because we have already achieved the original dream, but continue to expect more and more from a badly damaged economy. In the 60s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ’s expression of the American Dream emphasized universal equality and compassion, and racial equality within our own borders. In a lecture to college students in 1964, King states that â€Å"If the American Dream is to be a reality we must develop a world perspective. He explains this by quoting John Donne and saying, â€Å"No man is an island entire of itself every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main†¦ Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind. therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. † Looking at today’s society, it would appear that this dream has, at least in pa rt, been achieved. All people have the opportunity to earn a home, happiness, and security. At this point, the only thing stopping people from achieving their dreams are themselves. In John Steinbeck’s essay â€Å"Paradox and Dream† he says that â€Å"†¦ we are a restless, a dissatisfied, a searching people†¦ we seem to be in a state of turmoil all the time, both physically and mentally. † When Steinbeck goes on to say that the American Dream has very little to with reality in everyday life, he demonstrates how society prevents citizens from being satisfied when their dream is fulfilled. Is it possible that the expectations attached to the American Dream are unrealistic? Given today’s economy, the standards and expectations people have assigned to the American Dream do make it more difficult to achieve. In Of Mice and Men, George and Lennie’s dream, though very simple and basic by today’s standards, was unrealistic, given Lennie’s handicaps. George’s dream is far more achievable with Lennie gone, even though Lennie is part of that dream. This example illustrates how the amount of effort one is willing to put into achieving their dream has changed. People today are not as willing to accept more realistic standards for their dreams. This is different even from just three years ago, when Katharine Q. Seelye said in her article â€Å"What Happens to the American Dream in a Recession? † that â€Å"Even though their economic outlook is worse, more people are saying they have either achieved the dream or expect to do so†¦ † She then quotes Barry Glassner, a professor of sociology: â€Å"‘You want to hold on to your dream even more when times are hard†, he said. ‘And if you want to hold on to it, then you better define it differently. ’† In her article, Seelye states that â€Å"people are shifting their definition of the American Dream†¦ ewer people are pegging their dream to material success and more are pegging it to abstract values. † If people today were to adopt this point of view, far many more citizens would achieve their dream. While standards and expectations change, the essential roots of the American Dream remain the same. The dream of having a prosperous, safe, happy life drives citizens to achieve more and improve themselves and the country. As long as these basic beliefs are held by even one citizen, the dream still lives. Works Cited Kay, Katty. â€Å"What is today’s American Dream?. BBC News U. S and Canada. (2011): n. page. Web. 12 Jan. 2013. . King, Dr. Martin Luther. â€Å"The American Dream. † Drew University, Madison, New Jersey. 5 Feb 1964. Lecture. Rodriguez, Gregory. â€Å"The American Dream: Is it slipping away?. † Los Angeles Times. (2010): n. page. Print. Seelye, Katharine. â€Å"What Happens to the American Dream in a Recession?. † (2009): n. page. Web. 12 Jan. 2013. Steinbeck, John. â€Å"Paradox and Dream. † Trans. Array Excerpts from â€Å"Paradox and Dream†. 1966. Print. Steinbeck, John. Of Mice and Men. Penguin Group, 1937. Print. How to cite American Dream Synthesis, Papers

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Essay on Enterprise Architecture (EA) Framework Essay Example

Essay on Enterprise Architecture (EA) Framework Essay Enterprise Architecture (EA) Framework Introduction Basically, an enterprise architecture (EA) framework is a grand design that is employed when creating a system to augment customers, process or an organization’s satisfaction. The concept includes various guidelines such as patterns, standards, rules, interfaces and policies that are typically incorporated when crafting a novel IT capability. Enterprise architecture framework is mostly designed to make certain the alignment between any business and its IT strategies, service deliveries, software development projects, guiding principles as well as operating model. By taking a universal enterprise wide outlook across business processes, services, technology, information and applications, enterprise architecture ensures that the business objectives and goals are holistically addressed across all application development ventures and their respective deployment into production.

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Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration Illegal Immigration Illegal Immigration is entering the United States without permission of the Authorities through permeable border points, overstaying the legal duration of a visa and admission by using fraudulent identity and/or documents. The Pew Hispanic Centre estimates that there are eleven million immigrants in America, six to seven million of whom came to the United States via illegal entry, mainly through the rural, mountainous and arid border of Arizona and Mexico. Estimates also show that between four to five million unauthorized migrants enter the United States with a legal visa but overstay accounting for between 3350% of the total population. Approximately 250,000 and 500,000 illegal immigrants gain admission through fraudulent use of identity and/or documents. With the enactment of Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and other Federal or State laws in place, an unauthorized immigrant who enters or attempts to enter the United States illegally, uses, acquires, or produces fraudulent documents for immigration-related purposes may be subjected to Civil and Criminal penalties and denied certain immigration benefits, including the ability to enter or reside in the United States. Illegal immigrants in the United States represent a meaningful portion of the working population, despite laws and enforcement statutes designed to prevent the employment of unauthorized workers. The Federal Immigration Reform and Control Act (ICRA) of 1986 establishes a National Policy regarding the employment of undocumented immigrant workers and places considerable accountability on employers to verify an applicant's legitimate validity and to dismiss workers without status. Hoffman Plastic Caserecognized that the National Immigration Policy should limit unauthorized workers support. The logic was that an unauthorized immigrant who could not legally work should not be compensated in a lawsuit since it would be violating the law. Courts also found that immigration status and unauthorized work status do not bar a worker claiming compensation. They however, declined to extend the reasoning on Hoffman Plastic to different case solutions as it was for Catalan versus Vermillion Ranch Li mited Partnership where the court refused to enter a custodial order regarding the complainants immigration status. To curb on illegal immigration, an unauthorized worker program should be set up allowing illegal immigrants to go back to their original countries to get proper paperwork. Serious repercussions should be imposed on employers who engage illegal workers in jobs. Employers and State welfare workers should verify documentation through a database with access to current immigrant and visa information. Local law enforcement agencies should be given jurisdiction over illegal immigrants in the community. Comprehensive immigration policies should be reformed and enforced by securing the borders, enforcing all immigration laws, reforming the visa system and partnering with Latin America on key economic and reform initiatives for a better economy and interrelations with the neighboring countries.

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Aquatic Communities

Aquatic Communities Aquatic communities are the worlds major water habitats. Like land biomes, aquatic communities can also be subdivided based on common characteristics. Two common designations are  freshwater and marine communities. Freshwater Communities Rivers and Streams are bodies of water that continuously move in a single direction. Both are rapidly changing communities. The source of the river or stream usually differs significantly from the point at which the river or stream empties. A variety of plants and animals can be found in these freshwater communities, including trout, algae, cyanobacteria, fungi, and of course, various species of fish. Estuaries are the areas where freshwater streams or rivers meet the ocean. These highly productive regions contain widely diverse plant and animal life. The river or stream usually carries many nutrients from inland sources, making estuaries capable of supporting this rich diversity and high productivity. Estuaries are feeding and breeding grounds for a variety of animals, including  waterfowl, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians. Lakes and Ponds are standing bodies of water. Many streams and rivers end in lakes and ponds. Phytoplankton are usually found in the upper layers. Because light is absorbed only to certain depths, photosynthesis is common only in the upper layers. Lakes and ponds also support a variety of plant and animal life, including  small fish, brine shrimp, aquatic insects, and numerous plant species. Marine Communities Oceans cover approximately 70% of the earths surface. Marine communities are difficult to divide into distinct types  but can be classified based on the degree of light penetration. The simplest classification consists of two distinct zones: the photic and aphotic zones. The photic zone is the light zone or area from the surface of the water to the depths at which the light intensity is only around 1 percent of that at the surface. Photosynthesis occurs in this zone. The vast majority of marine life exists in the photic zone. The aphotic zone is an area that receives little or no sunlight. The environment in this zone is extremely dark and cold. Organisms living in the aphotic zone are often bioluminescent or are extremophiles and adept at living in extreme environments. As with the other communities, a variety of organisms live in the ocean. Some include  fungi, sponges, starfish, sea anemones, fish, crabs, dinoflagellates, green algae, marine mammals, and giant kelp.

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Government 1 Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Government 1 - Dissertation Example Thus, if I discover that the government might be monitoring my e-mail and internet security, I would not only reduce the information I reveal on the internet, but I would also reduce the frequency at which I make use of the internet and try other means of communication. Freedom of expression should be allowed on the internet and there should not be any restriction on this (Atallah, 2010). This is due the fact that the internet has now become the main medium that people air their views, hence telling people that there is a limit to the way they can express themselves is like a violation on their fundamental human right. However, when the issue of the restriction of freedom of expression arises, there would be serious problems on the types of expression that should be restricted. There would be no standard yardstick as to the kind of things that people should be expected to talk about on the internet. Thus, it is not in any way desirable to restrict freedom of expression in any instanc e as people should be free to say anything they like on the internet. Reference Atallah, M. (2010). Privacy Enhancing Technologies: 10th International Symposium, PETS 2010, July 21-23, 2010, Berlin, Germany, Proceedings. New York: Springer.